Thursday, August 4, 2011

California Dreamin...

So last month, July 2nd thru the 5th to be specific, my beau and I went to San Diego, California for a mini vacay.  Since we wanted to stay somewhere on the beach, we decided to invite another couple to join us.  Staying on the beach on a holiday can be quite costly.  By inviting the other couple, we were able to split the room cost four ways which made it cheaper to stay at the hotel on the beach.  We figured $150 per person for three days and three nights is do-able....  So off to the beach we go!

Pacific Beach San Diego California

The tall dude would be my beau.  I am sure you can assume that next to him would be Moi.  Next to us would be the other couple, obviously!  Our days were spent eating at the restaurants on the boardwalk, playing in the ocean (which by the way was FREEZING), getting our tan on and my favorite past time, people watching!

Lol.  I didn't actually use a fork and a knife to eat.  Gotta use what god gave ya, hands and fingers.  There's no other way of eating a lobster.  The messier the better.  :-) 

Hey it wouldn't be a party without a little Margarita.  And thanks to those Jersey Shore kids, with a side of Coronita!

What was left of my lobster.  Poor thing, sure put on a good fight!  Hey it was finger licking good...

We didn't actually have lobsters every night.  We also noshed on pita sandwiches, sushi on a rotating belt, hash browns topped with Feta cheese and much more.  I wish I was able to take pictures of everything mentioned.  Unfortunately, I kept forgetting to take my camera with me.  :-(  I am still kicking myself for that!

He stole a kiss.  I was a little upset with him but nothing like a little kiss to lighten things up.  A little bit of alcohol helps too!

The sun was so bright and I could not get away from it.  To make it worst, I got burnt while laying out on the beach, so I was getting a little annoyed because my skin was definitely stinging.

Beautiful Sunsets.  Oh how much I want to move out there!  Wishingful thinking.

Oh oh...  Watch out for beach patrols.  Apparently, one can get in trouble if busted with alcohol on the beach.

I loved every minute of this.  Granted there were a few bumps on the road, I would not change anything about this vacation....  

Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Be.

After reading other people's blogs, I have finally decided to make my own. There are a few blogs that I have been reading and checking on a daily basis. I just hope that I will be able to keep up with my blogging as much as everyone else.

Btw, my name is Isabel. Hence the "Bella" part of my blogger name. You guys may assume that my nickname is Bella. In actuality, my nickname is Belle. Growing up as a child my family always called me Belle. Bella just happened recently. I would have to blame my friend Erica, who always has to be different and started calling me Bella. I definitely don't mind one bit. For the most part, my friends call me Iz. Anyways, I decided to start my own blog due to the summer heat. Well you see, I live in the desert. Not much to do in the summer but hibernate. I live in Scottsdale Arizona. And boy, our summers are brutal. Especially with the 115 to 125 degree temperatures. What other things can I do? I guess I could go to the pool and dip in bath water. Yes, the temperature gets so hot out, that the water in the pool is no longer refreshing. So with that, why not find another hobby that normally takes place inside an air-conditioned room, like blogging. Granted I will need to step outside the house every now and then to take pictures or what not...